21 May

Home Coffee Bean Roasting Techniques

degree-filter-coffee-powder-250x250Coffee beans used to be roasted at home until WWI. The commercialization of coffee increased the price of the beans but home-roasted beans are coming back in fashion with the generation that loves to go DIY.

Why home roast?

By home roasting coffee beans, you will be treating yourself with the best coffee ever. Coffee beans should be roasted right before consumption. Hence, when you home roast them, it is in your control to decide exactly how much to roast at a time. Also, you can control the degree of roasting, so that you can taste all the levels of the flavor the beans produce.

Roasting options


You can roast the coffee beans in a coffee roasting machine if you are in for shortcuts and quick fixes. But if you prefer going all the way and savoring the experience of the process, you will need the elaborate way. A popcorn popper can also do the trick.

Roasting supplies

The supplies you need to roast coffee at home are simple, but you cannot replace them with an alternative. Here are what you will need:

  • Gas grill with side burners.
  • Direct heat source.
  • Stainless steel material for popcorn popper.
  • Baking sheet.

You cannot use these things for anything else apart from roasting coffee beans, because the smell will catch on. Even if you don’t mind the smell of coffee on other things, you do not want your coffee to smell different.

Type of coffee beans

20131122-COFFEE-ROASTERS-166_edit-660x440The best type of coffee beans for home roasting is the green coffee beans, because they last long with the essence intact. If you already have a preferred type, that’s okay too. Only, you have to buy it at least once a month, whereas, with the green one, you can buy a lot and be sorted for 3-4 months.

Roasting procedure

Follow the procedure step by step for the best home roasted coffee beans.

  • Preheat the side burner for 10 minutes.
  • Add the fresh beans in the popcorn popper and keep stirring constantly.
  • Keep an eye on the color. First it will be yellow and start to swell slightly. Notice the pleasant earthy smell and the cappuccinosteam coming out.
  • Keep stirring constantly as the beans start to turn brownish and start popping like actual popcorn. If you want to taste the most subtle flavors, stop at this stage.
  • If you want your coffee stronger, continue stirring gently and wait for the second round of softer pops. The color is darker by this stage. Wait for about 30 seconds into this stage. Anything more than a minute into this stage, will burn your coffee beans.
  • Cool the beans by spreading them on a cookie sheet. 30 minutes to an hour is enough time for the cooling.
  • Blow on the beans to remove the chaff after cooling.

Your home roasted coffee beans are ready to be stored in an air-tight container. When you grind these beans and make a cup of coffee for yourself, it will be worth all the effort.